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From leisurely balloon rides to practical passenger jets and battle-winning war planes, conquering the skies remains one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Whether the triumph of flight signifies glamorous worlds of adventure and exploration or defending your nation’s freedom, Authentic Models celebrates its numerous forms through beautifully handcrafted original decoration pieces.

Spitfire AMAP656 

The legendary Spitfire fighter was introduced in 1936 as a short-range, high-performance and single-seat aircraft. Beloved by pilots it still has a an iconic status. Our model has unbelievable details like retractable main wheels, sliding cockpit window and functioning tail rudder. Shipped with an aluminum stand with plaque.

60.5cm length x 75.5 width x 17 height plus stand

Spitfire Travel Model AMAP099

This iconic aluminum Spitfire is an exact copy of a WWII original trench art model. The original was probably crafted by a plane mechanic, stationed on a isolated British airfield.

19cm length x 20 width x 14 height plus stand


Vintage Propeller Black Tips, Large

Nothing symbolises aviation history more simply and evocatively than propellers. We’ve created faithful replicas of classic models and decorated them to become attractive wall décor. Respecting and celebrating history while making it relevant to modern day interiors.

186cm length x 15width x 9 height

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