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Bath Book Toy

Shake, splash, and learn with these fun noisy bath toy book for babies!
Baby will love this adorable bath toy book and will be laughing and playing in the tub while discovering the world around them. Bright, humorous pictures appear on every vinyl page that is soft yet durable. A rattle embedded inside the book makes an amusing jingle that will evoke baby's laughter..

• Perfect for anyone looking for infant bath toys for children ages 0-2
• A waterproof and extremely durable book for fun in the bathtub and for a distraction during changing!
• A delightful gift for new parents and newborns at baby showers, birthday, holidays, and beyond!

Animals on the Farm -The friendly animals that romp through thesepages are a sheep, a pig, a hen, a horse, a dog, and a cow

Colour Magic - Colors appear in water like magic with Mudpuppy's Cat Donuts Color Magic Bath Book! Bath time friends come to life when their colors magically appear under water in this delightful bath book.

What parents and grandparents are saying:

• The colors are bright with good contrast for a young child. The pages are simple, and the book has held up through many baths now.
• Very impressed that this book has held up for as long as it has. My son is now two and occasionally still plays with this book in the bath. He chewed on it while teething and there are still no permanent marks.
• The plastic is durable but not hard and bends and moves.
• We never really expected this to become one of my sons most loved toys or that we'd be playing with it outside the bath. He loves it so much it comes with us most places!
• This book is a good size, clear print, nice soft feel, and it makes a fun noise when you shake it. Worth the money!

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