Professor Puzzle Game

Escape from the Grand Hotel

It’s the big re-opening of the Grand Hotel but nothing is quite what it seems in this immersive escape room game!

Owned by the wealthy but mysterious Blossom family, this once magnificent hotel was in danger of being closed for good until the sudden return of the Blossom son, Kurt, and his beautiful wife, Lauren. They want to restore the hotel to its former glory but something isn’t quite right. When their glamorous, rich and influential guests arrive for the grand re-opening, they’re ready for a night to remember – but as it turns out, it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons!

Invite your guests, set the scene and get ready to host a night of fun and intrigue. Each guest can come dressed as one of the eight characters, ready to play their role. During the evening, they must travel through the hotel solving the series of mysterious puzzles that release them from each room. The ultimate quest? To uncover the hidden secrets and escape from the Grand Hotel.

Escape the Space Station Mini

An out-of-this-world mini escape room game!

It’s not every day you find yourself trapped on a space station that’s hurtling towards an asteroid belt. And when the station is thrown off course, there’s no time for panicking! Your only shot at safety lies with a note written in a strange alphabet – it looks as if you’ll have to put your intergalactic thinking cap on! There are 12 different puzzles, from tricky picture puzzles to crazy mazes, and the solution for each one will translate a single letter of the note.

Only once all 12 puzzles have been solved correctly and the note has been decoded, will you be able to make your escape from the space station!

Escape from the Museum Mini  

Crack the code and get out of the museum in this quick-fire escape room game from Professor Puzzle.

Perfect for solo play, there’s a range of different puzzles and brainteasers for you to solve in order to find the key and make your escape.

Last Chance Saloon Murder Mystery

It’s last orders in the only saloon in town, and there’s more to kill than just time!

Will the richest rancher in the Wild West be dead before sundown, or will you be able to save his skin?

The year is 1885 and death will cast its shadow over the quiet town of Ghost Creek unless your sleuthing skills are able to stop it! Inside the Last Chance Saloon, six people nurse their drinks, each lost in thought. A travelling fortune teller decides to stop and quench her thirst. Suddenly, she’s struck with a vision: Avery Rogers – Ghost Creek’s richest man – will be dead by the end of the day, and at the hands of someone in the saloon! Set in the Wild West, this murder mystery will immerse you and your dinner guests in a world of revenge, blackmail and bandits! Will you be able to unravel the clues and motives to pinpoint the would-be murderer, all before coffee is served? 


Trash Talk

Leave your moral compass at the door and find out what your friends think of you with this outrageous game that’ll get you naming and shaming!

Players take turns to read out a card with a “Most likely to” or “Least likely to” scenario, then vote on which player they think best fits that description.

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