Black & White Sentiment Cotton Dish/Tea Towel

A black cotton dish towel with white text featuring a sentiments that makes the item feel tailor-made for the special people in your life. Machine-washable.

"Nurse For Someone Who's Up To Their Elbows In Bodily Fluids..."

"Grandma For A Very Lovely Lady Who's Always Ready To Give A Big Hug Tell A Story..."

"Friend For The One With Whom I Share A Special Bond. A Trusty Partner In Crime..."

"Mother For The Greatest, Most Powerful Woman In The World, Who Uses Her Love To Fill Bellies, Hearts, And Sock Drawers."

"Teacher For The Arch Nemesis Of Rowdy Classroom Rebels, Wielder Of The Chalk, Defender Of Nerds."

"If I Ever Go Missing I Would Like My Photo Put On Wine Bottles Instead Of Milk Cartons, That Way My Friends Will Know To Look For Me"

"It's A Lot Easier To Start The Day When You Know It Will End With Beer."

"The Best Beers Are The Ones We Drink With Friends."

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