Authentic Models Instrument Collection

Before the technological revolution, intrepid explorers depended on finely calibrated analogue instruments to measure time, assess weather, read maps, survey surroundings and identify direction.

Capturing their spirit of adventure, Authentic Models’ fully functioning compasses, visionary aids, time-pieces and weather measuring devices pay homage to the significance of these inventions. Our skillfully crafted pieces charm in their aesthetic beauty while allowing you to put your own skills to the test.

Pocket Compass

Our customers want choice, and that’s what we offer. Symbolic, and fun. Educational. Decorative. Corporate or private, this is a gift with a story attached. 7.5cm diameter

Mariner’s Compass

In today’s digital world where the elegant science of navigation is hidden from view, this intricately beautiful instrument is a perfect reminder of the human endeavour which paved the way. Ornamentally attractive yet still fully functional. A must-have for those with an intrepid spirit. 9cm diameter

Bosun’s Whistle

Classic bosun whistle makes deck hands happy. To man the sails, go aloft, or defend the ship in action, “All hands on deck” was one of the commands blown by the Bosun’s Mates on this whistle or “call”. Its shape hasn’t changed in five centuries. 13cm length

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