Strong Wonderful / Beautiful You Toy Doll

A truly classic toy that will become a family heirloom, loved so much it becomes thread-bear, placed away lovingly,  then discovered in the attic in decades to come and loved again by a new generation. Memories in the making and a friend that will see a child thru triumphs and adversity, tears and tantrums! Give baby their new best friend: a Doll from the Strong Wonderful You collection. This plush doll will help teach your little one they're special, and they're differences are something to be treasured.


Hopeful Rainbows Doll Set 6" h

This set of three girl dolls is a great toy for toddlers. With unique characteristics, each doll shows how being special and different is a good thing! These dolls make a fun toy to play with while learning valuable life lessons.

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